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Problems often arise when the learnt relationship patterns and “scripts” of our past form blocks or obstacles that stand in the way of us living well and being fulfilled in our current relationships, including the relationship with ourselves. Sometimes we can overcome these obstacles with the help of someone we know, like a friend or loved one, who gives us advice. However, sometimes we need someone who is more removed, who can be impartial, who is trained to listen carefully to how you really are.

Claire Henry Counsellor Psychotherapist Therapy Office Nest Chair

A Counsellor or Psychotherapist uses their experience and knowledge to understand the whole of your experience and explore your options without giving their advice or telling you what they think you should do. Our purpose will be to work together and seek to know how your past has informed you, exploring with different ideas, thoughts, beliefs, memories, feelings and sensations. As you gain self-awareness you will begin to recognise the obstacles and learn to overcome them in a way that feels right for you. This leaves you open to make good choices for yourself and enjoy being the unique individual that you are.


The work we will do is relational and developmental. This means that I place emphasis on the primal human need to be in contactful and attuned relationships in order to live well and thrive. My aim is to provide you with the relational and developmental conditions that may have been unavailable to you in the past. Conditions that allow you to spread your wings, support you in making choices that are right for you and enable you to know and live as your real self.  We will work together as allies to create an authentic, human to human therapeutic relationship. My authenticity helps you to develop your own authenticity and find acceptance in being ok just as you are. We can really get to know what makes you tick, and what you need to live life freely and without the learnt self-judgment that often keeps people stuck.   




Stress | Anxiety | Sadness | Loneliness | Fear | Anger

Self-esteem and confidence | Identity | Relationship difficulties

Childhood experiences | Life transitions | Menopause 

Fertility | Parenting | Loss, Grief and Bereavement  

Depression Long-term illness | Work related issues

Cultural issues | Sexuality | Gender

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